Reflecting the incremental social awareness of sustainability and global environmental issues as well as change of the corporate struc ture, our materiality was revised after previous version in 2015, and obtained approvalof NSHD board on December 2nd, 2021.


Materiality identification process

In reviewing the materiality this time, we took into account both the perspectives of a wide range of stakeholders, such as the SDGs, various international guidelines, and ESG assessments, as well as business impact. We actively held discussions, including exchanges of opinions with external directors and outside specialist companies, and surveys of employees in each region globally, and identified new materiality after approval by the Management Committee and the Board of Directors.

Step Procedure Specific content
Step 1 Extraction of issues
We identify environmental and social issues related to our business activities by referring to international guidelines such as GRI guidelines, Global Compact, and ISO 26000, as well as evaluation items from SDGs and ESG evaluation organizations.
Step 2 Internal Surveys and Identification of materiality candidates
Conduct a global employee survey to confirm consistency and appropriateness with each region's business and to quantitatively evaluate the level of importance on two axes: "stakeholders" and "company".
Step 3 Internal discussion and decision
The Management Committee, Global Strategy Committee, and the Board of Directors discuss the appropriateness and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the material issues and their prioritization, and create a materiality matrix.
Step 4 Approval
Identified with board approval.
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