Sustainability Management

Environmental and Social Contribution across the Value Chain

We work to ensure a solid grasp of our environmental and social impact on stakeholders through all of our business processes—from development and production through to supply, sale, and use, that is, across our entire value chain—and implement a variety of initiatives designed to avoid or mitigate related risks. Looking ahead, we will also strive to contribute to a sustainable society by reinforcing collaboration not only with Group companies but with all stakeholders.


ESG Management System

Nippon Sanso Holdings holds a meeting of the Global Strategy Review Committee, chaired by the president and CEO, once a year. The committee decides on the policy for key initiatives in technological risk management (including safety, quality and product safety, environmental, and intellectual property risks), based on the President’s Basic Policy on Technological Risk Management.

Nippon Sanso Holdings Auditing and Risk Management Structure

Nippon Sanso Holdings Auditing and Risk Management Structure

Nippon Sanso Holdings Group Risk Management Structure

Nippon Sanso Holdings Group Risk Management Structure

The Presidential Policy Directive on Technology Risk Management

The President CEO of Nippon Sanso Holdings requests all the Group members to comply thoroughly with the applicable laws, regulations, and rules as “The Gas Professionals,” and herewith has established the following policy on the risk management of public safety and security, quality, product safety, environmental sustainability, and intellectual property, that are essential to running our business.

All the Group members are expected to: • thoroughly comprehend this policy and put it into practice, • minimize the risk of loss by planning, doing and continuously improving the corporate risk management system and business continuity plan (BCP) to cope with disasters, e.g., large-scale earthquakes, • make sincere efforts to raise customers’ satisfaction over our business activities, • obtain and maintain social credibility by achieving public safety and security, and contribution to environmental sustainability of the earth, and • pursue a sound prosperity of our business and an enhancement of our corporate value.

  • Public safety and security:We, Nippon Sanso Holdings, implement voluntary activities for safety assurance based on our motto of “Selling gas is selling safety.”
  • Quality:We, Nippon Sanso Holdings, accurately identify the sophisticated and diversifying needs of customers and society,and offer the services and products of the best suited quality in response.
  • Product safety:We, Nippon Sanso Holdings, offer safer and more reliable products by minimizing dangers inherent over the life of the products.
  • Environmental sustainability:We, Nippon Sanso Holdings, drive action to reduce the impact on the global environment and prevent pollution.
  • Intellectual property:We, Nippon Sanso Holdings, by obtaining the exclusive right of intellectual properties and exploiting them, protect our business from patent litigation that might be imposed by other parties.

Contribution to the SDGs

The Group’s mainstay products are industrial gases. They are made using the natural resource of air. We therefore consider the global environment to be an irreplaceable resource and view its preservation in a sustainable condition for the future to be our natural mission. The Group has formulated its ESG Materiality themes and will contribute to the SDGs through its industrial gases business.


Participation in Initiatives

The Group participates in a range of initiatives that include Japanese and overseas companies. Nippon Sanso Holdings announced its agreement with the TCFD recommendations in 2019. For the new medium-term management plan that starts from FYE2021, we will work to disclose information in line with the recommendations, covering governance, strategy, risk management, indicators, and targets. We will also work to contribute to the realization of the 17 goals and 169 targets presented in the SDGs, promoted by the United Nations.

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