Products and Service

Semiconductor Specialty Gases

We offer a wide variety of semiconductor manufacturing materials with specific quality and specifications to semiconductor and electronics industries, including gas, mixture gas, liquid and solid materials, as well as specialty products with specific properties such as high purity, tight tolerance, and specific requirements to meet customers needs.
Our semiconductor manufacturing materials are available in various specifications, and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Bulk Gases

Electronics industry requires many kinds of bulk gases. Nitrogen for carrier gases, purging, safety and pneumatic operation. Oxygen for oxidization process. Argon, helium, hydrogen and carbon dioxide are used as processing material or carrier gases as well. We offer bulk gases with high specifications including purification. Our focus is meeting electronics industry requirements and maintaining flexible supply modes. For large volume requirements, we also offer piping supply, engineering, generator units, which enables our customesr to achieve the best total cost of ownership , supply security and environmental friendliness. We also offer ultra high-purity nitrogen and oxygen, and co-production generatosr specially designed for large scale semiconductor manufacturing industry.


Since 1947, we have been supporting customers in Electronics industry for using high pressure, flammable, toxic and corrosive gases safely, and helping customers to achieve higher productivity & quality to meet environmental requirements by our equipment and service solutions.
We offer equipment solutions for bulk gases purification, specialty gases purification, semiconductor specialty gases supply and point- of-use exhaust gas abatement system to Electronics industry and mainly for semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Site Management and Service

“Total Solution” is not only our comprehensive gases related product line-up for electronics industry but includes our on-site services at/by our customer site. We offer safe, reliable and cost-effective professional site-services by our expert engineers with our group philosophy “The gas professionals” to support our customers focus on achieving high quality, safety and maximized productivity in their operation. Our site-service offerings includes but not limited to :
*Gases, chemicals and goods management including container/cylinder exchange at customer facility and delivery
*Warehouse and inventory management of gases, chemicals and others
*Management of gas related equipment (monitoring, inspections, maintenance, parts management etc.)
*High-quality engineering, piping-work, equipment/system installation
* Management of clean room materials