Compliance Promotion

Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation has determined a basic compliance policy for our group and established organizations and regulations to ensure its effectiveness. We appointed a Group Chief Compliance Officer (Group CCO) for the Company and Regional Chief Compliance Officers (Regional CCOs) in every region. The Group CCO conducts training in line with compliance risks, clarifying rules for responding to compliance violations and communicating these rules to all Group companies. The Group CCO and Regional CCOs have the authority to instruct and oversee compliance activities, striving to improve and gain support for compliance across our group.
The Group CCO and Regional CCOs have established a whistle-blowing system in every region to ensure a system that enables people to report without fear of disadvantage in the event that they discover a compliance violation or potential violation within our group.
In addition, our group continuously conducts compliance education and training for employees at every level. The above activities are shared among all CCOs when they come together for the annual Global Compliance Committee, promoting a unified approach to compliance promotion for all regions.