Asia & Oceania

Outline of Business

We operate our business in East Asian and Southeast Asian countries and regions, and Australia. Our business in Asia and Oceania started in earnest from Singapore in 1982. By the 1990s, this initial milestone was followed by expansions into Thailand, China, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In the 2000s, we continued expanding into India, Indonesia, Australia, and Myanmar. The industrial gases business operates mainly in Australia, Southeast Asian countries, China, and India, and the electronics business in East Asia including China, Taiwan, and South Korea.

List of operating companies in Asia & Oceania


1982 Established National Oxygen Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
1992 Capital participant in Air Products Industry Co., Ltd. in Thailand
1993 Established Dalian Nippon Sanso Guangming Gas Co., Ltd. in Dalian, China
1994 Capital participant in Ingasco, Inc. in the Philippines/td>
1995 Established Matheson Gas Products Korea, Co., Ltd. in South Korea
1996 Established Nippon Sanso Taiwan Inc. in Taiwan
Capital participant in Vietnam Japan Gas Co., Ltd. in Vietnam
2002 Established Taiyo Nippon Sanso Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China
2003 Established Shanghai Taiyo Nippon Sanso Gas Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China
2010 Investment in K-Air India Gases Pvt. Ltd. in India
2012 Made Leeden Ltd. of Singapore into a subsidiary
2013 Established PT Samator Taiyo Nippon Sanso Indonesia in Indonesia
2015 Acquired Renegade Gas Pty Ltd. in Australia
2016 Established Taiyo Nippon Sanso Myanmar Co., Ltd. in Myanmar
Acquired Taiyo Gases Co., Ltd. in Thailand
2020 Shifted to a structure where the Oceania and Asia Management Division of Group Corporate Planning Office manages the entire Asia and Oceania region, following the transition to a holding company structure
2023 Introduced four subsegments for the purpose of strengthening governance 
-SEA&I (South East Asia and India) : Southeast Asia and India 
-EAE (East Asia Electronics) : East Asia Electronics 
-CIG (China Industrial Gases) : China Industrial Gases
-OIG (Oceania Industrial Gases) : Oceania Industrial Gases

Business Features

  • Strengthened industrial gases supply capacity in step with economic development, and efficient operation of production plants
  • Sales in the field of electronics account for around 40% of the Asia and Oceania business sales
  • Established a new management structure for the purpose of strengthening governance, with the introduction of four subsegments (Southeast Asia and India, East Asia Electronics, China Industrial Gases, and Oceania Industrial Gases)

Main Business Areas