Integrated Report

Integrated Report
  • A Message to Stakeholders
  • Progress Under Ortus Stage 2
  • A Message from the CFO
  • The Story of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group
  • The Journey of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group
  • The Nippon Sanso Holdings Group around the World
  • What Are Industrial Gases?
  • Dialogue ①
    Limitless Latent Potential of Industrial Gases
  • The Nippon Sanso Holdings Group’s Value Creation Process
  • Overview of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group’s Business
  • Business Domains
    Industrial gases business, Electronics business and Thermos business
  • Business Segments
    Gas Business in Japan, Gas Business in the United States, Gas Business in Europe, Gas Business in Asia and Oceania, and Thermos Business
  • Sustainable Business Model
  • Dialogue ②
    Welcome NGE! Promoting Global Sustainability
  • Human Resources to Support the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group
  • Roundtable Discussion
    Human Resources to Carry the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group into the Future
  • Corporate Governance
  • ESG and Materiality
  • A Dialogue Between the Outside Directors
  • Risk Management
  • Dialogue ③
    Strengthening Governance through a Global Framework of Four Geographic Hubs
  • Members of the Board of Directors, Members of the Audit & Supervisory Board
  • Corporate Data
  • 11-Year Financial and Non-Financial Summary
  • Non-Financial Highlights
  • Independent Assurance Report
  • Awards
  • Editorial Policy
  • Editorial Note

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