Archive of Environmental and Social Activity Section

Since 2017, we have integrated our Annual Report and Environmental and Social Activity Report and published them as the Integrated Report. From 2019, the content of the sustainability website is back numbered.


  • Sustainability Management
  • ESG and Materiality

Four Key Themes

Management Issues
  • Enhancement of Governance
  • Initiatives to Ensure Safe and Stable Supplies
The Earth
  • Promotion of Environmental Management
  • Initiatives for Protecting the Global Environment
  • Development of Products and Services That Contribute Respect for Human Rights to Resolving Environmental and Social Issues
  • Product and Service Reliability
  • Contribution to Medical Care
  • Contribution to Medical Care
People (Company and Organization)
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Human Resource Development and Training
  • Health and Productivity Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Communication with Shareholders and Investors
  • Social Contribution Activities
Dialogue with Stakeholders

Sustainability website 2020
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Sustainability Data
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