Sustainability Topics (Society)

Nippon Sanso Holdings creates new value for society through innovative gas solutions, contributing to the development of all manner of industries and fostering more comfortable futures for humankind, for society, and for the earth. This aspiration is embodied in our Group Vision, shared by our employees and serving as motivation for the Group to work together for sustainability management. The Group engages in a wide variety of sustainability initiatives across the globe. We believe that working to help resolve issues for humankind, for society, and for the earth leads to higher levels of social value and economic value, while also enhancing the corporate value of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group.

SocietyJapanStarted Co-development on Sleep Diagnosis Service and AI Analysis Support

ACCELStars, Inc., a startup company incubated in the University of Tokyo, and NSHD subsidiary IMI Co., Ltd., have agreed to start collaborative research to co-develop and provide sleep diagnosis service, aiming to detect sleep disorders at the early stage. The companies aspire to utilize the world-leading sleep diagnosis technology based algorithms and sleep evaluation devices respectively.

The number of potential patients with sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) is said to be more than six million in Japan. For the examination and the diagnosis of SAS, polysomnography devices (full PSG) are being utilized at a health clinic and require an overnight stay. The companies will develop and offer more efficient sleep examination service, allowing the early detection of sleep disorders and potential SAS patients and the greater number of detailed examinations and definitive diagnoses, and contribute to revitalize the overall sleep-related healthcare needs.

Started Co-development on Sleep Diagnosis Serviceand AI Analysis Support

SocietyWorldEngagement Survey

Most of our employees take part in an engagement survey that measures whether employees feel motivated to contribute toward achieving targets, whether this motivation is sustained by a productive work environment and mental and physical well-being, as well as whether they have a sense of belonging to the organization. Greater engagement offers various benefits to both employees and the Company. We therefore analyze the information obtained from the survey for each operating company, and utilize the results in the formulation of action plans to improve our organization, such as enhancing productivity, job satisfaction, and diversity. We will continue to conduct the survey in order to make our action plans more effective.

SocietyJapanLaunch of Promotion Project Team for Women’s Active Engagement at Taiyo Nippon Sanso

NSHD is committed to proactively promoting women in business activities, such as aggressively hiring women for career-track positions. Aiming to be a company where female employees are motivated to work, we launched the Women Promotion Project Team in October 2022. Project members include not only women in management and leadership positions, but also employees from a wide range of age groups, including younger employees. Members from various work positions, such as sales and engineering, join forces to move the team’s agenda forward. This project team gathers opinions from and measures the awareness of employees about female empowerment, caregiving, childrearing and diverse work styles through interviews and Companywide surveys. We are keen to support employees by creating work environments where they can continue working without worry while raising children or caring for their elderly parents. We will continue to engage in activities for realizing a company where women and people of diverse backgrounds can work with enthusiasm.
Launch of Promotion Project Team for Women’s Active Engagement at Taiyo Nippon Sanso

SocietyUnited StatesDiversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

At Matheson Tri-Gas (MTG), we respectfully leverage the diverse values and individualities that each employee brings. Regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation, we are committed to ensuring that all employees can fully exert their abilities and work in a comfortable environment. As part of our risk management project for FYE2023, we formed a team of experts to devise strategies to nurture a diverse workforce and provide a safe and fair work environment for all employees. Encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace, MTG aims to create work environments that promote these values and ensure that all employees can continue to grow.

SocietyEuropeGOL (Growing Our Leadership) II Held

At Nippon Gases Euro-Holding (NGE), we have introduced a development program called GOL: Growing Our Leadership. It is divided into 3 stages, and the middle step, called GOL II, is a nine-month training aimed towards managers. The first edition took place in 2020, and it covered several fields and business topics, working towards an all-round development on leadership skills and organizational support capabilities through productivity projects. In September 2022, out of all the projects that were presented, one team was chosen per region to attend the final event in Segovia, Spain. At this international session, among other activities and presentations, all participants explained their productivity projects which were judged by directors in the meeting. The winning project for this edition was on power management to achieve savings. To this date, over 250 managers have participated in the GOL II training, resulting in the implementation of 37 productivity projects that have led to significant cost savings. Since 2022, GOL I has taken place on a yearly basis for the company’s young high potentials; and GOL III, for senior leaders, is about to start.

Euroholding and IT team were awarded with the best project

SocietyAsia & OceaniaSEA+I HR Network Meeting

Nippon Sanso Holdings Singapore held the 6th SEA+I HR Network Meeting on July 1, 2022 to discuss plans for the empowerment of female employees and the implementation of an engagement survey. Under the theme "Make Female Empowerment A Reality", the meeting started" with opening remarks from the management, emphasising that leadership can make a significant contribution to women's empowerment by supporting and promoting the advancement of its female employees. The subsequent keynote address outlined the company's policy and commitment to support women's empowerment in the region.. This followed two dialogue sessions held by the SEA+I HR Community of Practice (SEA+I HRCoP) to address the organisation's challenges regarding women's empowerment and employee engagement, and practical approaches were proposed to promote common initiatives. It was a great learning experience as participants shared their company's challenges and solutions for women's empowerment and employee engagement.

Participants in the 6th SEA+I HR Network Meeting 2022

SocietyAsia & OceaniaImplementation of the Supagas LEDA Program

The objective of the Supagas LEDA Program is to enhance the individual capabilities of each employee by learning and practicing skills required for leadership. In this program, participants learn leadership skills through various training sessions, including watching videos, reading literature, and conducting self-assessments. By the end of the program, participants improve their EQ (Emotional Intelligence) as professionals capable of properly managing subordinates and boosting their motivation. Participants learn to heighten their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and trustworthiness, which enables them to connect with others and build relationships that are inspiring and empowering.

Group photo of participants

SocietyThermosEducational Activities for Training Female Employees

We are expanding training for female employees to enhance their motivation toward career planning, dispel feelings of anxiety or resistance, and work toward creating a company where women can thrive with a sense of fulfillment.

Recent Activities

In January 2023, we conducted a career training session for female employees. Participants exchanged opinions about their own careers and achievements, and discussed current concerns and anxieties felt by female employees. Moving forward, we will continue our efforts to encourage the active participation of women, preparing a work environment where they can perform without feeling anxiety or resistance.
Educational Activities for Training Female Employees

SocietyWorldNSHD Group Social Contribution Initiatives

Our group is dedicated to local social contribution efforts aimed at enhancing community well-being.

matter Region
Tree Planting Initiatives Nikko tree planting activity: Tree saplings were planted around the Ashio Copper Mine in memory of our predecessors Taiyo Nissan. Japan
Nippon Gases Italia S.r.l. has commenced a green initiative, committing to plant trees every year for five years through its partnership with Treedom, the world’s first platform that facilitates remote tree planting and online tracking. The trees planted by Nippon Gases absorb CO2, improve air quality, reduce temperatures, and, by providing refuge and nourishment to a variety of species, enhance biodiversity. They also combat soil erosion through their roots. By planting the right tree in the right place for the right purpose, this initiative contributes to the achievement of Goal 10 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Italy
We have created a second Nippon Gases Forest in Vieira de Leiria, where we planted approximately 1,000 species of trees native to the region. This initiative not only offsets several tons of CO2 emissions, but also contributes to the reforestation of land that was destroyed by fires, the enhancement of biodiversity for both flora and fauna species, and the revitalization of the region. Nippon Gases Euro-Holding guarantees the continual development of this forest over the next few years and will replant any trees that die or do not grow sufficiently. Portugal
Environmental preservation Cleaning while rafting activity::Trash was picked up along rivers while rafting down them with the aim of improving health while cleaning communities. Japan
Donation Initiatives To provide assistance to survivors of the major earthquake in Turkey and Syria, donations were made to UNICEF. Japan
World-famous “Mizuhoyama” project:NSHD’s Yamanashi business site donated to the Hokuto City Environmental Preservation Fund in order to pass down the abundance of nature to the next generation. Japan
Distribution of CHEMO Bags: MTG is a platinum sponsor for The CHEMO Bag Inc., which collaborates with local communities to provide gift bags (CHEMO Bags) filled with comforting items for men and women who are undergoing chemotherapy in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. United States
GAWDA Gives Back:MTG was a diamond-level donor for the 2022 GAWDA Gives Back campaign. Through this campaign, Alzheimer’s San Diego received donations. The mission of Alzheimer’s San Diego is to support those affected by dementia, combat prejudice, and support research. United States
Funding for The Children’s Hospital:
Supagas provided funding for the installation of two foldable guardian beds for medical use in the surgical and anesthesiology wards at The Children's Hospital at Westmead.
Donation to Refugee Support Organization:In April 2022, Nippon Gases Germany initiated a donation campaign among its employees to support the refugee aid organization Help e.V., which assists refugees who have fled from Ukraine to Moldova. This partnership with Help e.V. demonstrates our commitment to providing essential support and compassion to refugees, and to nurturing hope and resilience in these challenging times. Nippon Gases Germany’s donation matched the amount collected by its employees. Germany
Support for Local Food Distribution Center:Employees of MTG in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania held a food drive in support of Manna on Main Street, assisting their local community. Canned goods and preserved foods were donated by the employees. Manna on Main Street is an organization committed to ending hunger in the North Pennsylvania area by providing food, meeting social service and educational needs, and serving communities. United States
Donation to Charity Event:We participated in the nationwide Belgian charity event De Warmste Week (DWW), and made a donation. The theme for 2022 was poverty, and donations collected during the event were distributed to 270 nonprofit organisations/projects chosen by the DWW Fund. Belgium

SocietyJapanContribution to Healthy Longevity Using Stable Isotopes

The doubly labelled water (DLW) method is the only international standard method able to measure with high precision the amount of energy expenditure of a subject under free-living activities, using oxygen-18 and heavy water. Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation has supported the spread of DLW and researchers around the world through long-term supply of the stable isotopes (Water-18O and D2O). In 2021, the results of an international research project into energy expenditure supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency were reported in the prestigious global academic journal Science (August 13, 2021 edition), further highlighting this work.

SocietyEuropeSpanish Medical Equipment Manufacturer Joins Nippon Sanso Holdings group

Nippon Gases Italia S.r.l. acquired a majority of the share of the Spanish medical equipment manufacturer Noxtec Development SL. This will enable the two companies to work together on technological improvements of medical equipment used for nitrous oxide treatment. Nitrous oxide has a vasodilatory effect in cardiopulmonary blood vessels, and is currently used to treat pulmonary hypertension. The inhaled nitric oxide therapy market is expected to grow going forward. Both companies have a high level of technology and knowledge related to medical equipment development and medical gases, which they will combine in an effort to further improve the quality of medical equipment and services.

SocietyWorldNippon Sanso Holdings group Contributions in the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 infections surged globally, our group supplied medical oxygen to meet a rapid increase in demand from government requests and so forth. We also strove to secure ventilators and pulse oximeters amid a spike in demand in order to stably supply them to medical institutions. In other areas, we developed cryopreservation containers and provided dry ice for transporting vaccines to support the cold chain and contribute to the medical front lines.

SocietyJapanCreation and Use of CCPS Evaluation (High-Pressure Gas Version)

Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation has developed its own accident intensity standards, based on the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) evaluation method* and in consideration of the potential impact of high-pressure gases. The company evaluates accidents in Japan based on a five-level scale and five characteristics: (1) physical injuries, (2) property damage, (3) potential impact of high-pressure gases, (4) environmental impact, and (5) social impact and media coverage. The evaluation results in an overall number of points by which the company quantifies intensity.

* This is a method proposed by the U.S. Center for Chemical Process Safety to prevent process-related accidents and disasters.