Outline of Business

Thermos K.K. in Japan and its Group companies operate the Thermos Business under the THERMOS brand. Thermos K.K. has production bases in Malaysia, China, and the Philippines, and a sales subsidiary in South Korea. Furthermore, we have affiliated companies in China, the United States, and Germany, among other countries. Through our regional bases, we ship vacuum-insulated bottles and other household products to over 120 countries around the world.
We develop products and propose lifestyles tailored to the market characteristics of each country, as well as the local customs and cultures, under our corporate philosophy: “Thermos continues to introduce new kinds of lifestyles that are agreeable to people and society and also environmentally friendly.”

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1978 Nippon Sanso (then) developed the world’s first stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottle
1989 Acquired the Thermos Company of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada
Launched the vacuum-insulated cooking pot Shuttle Chef®
1998 Launched vacuum-insulated sports bottles
1999 Launched vacuum-insulated portable mugs
2001 Established Thermos K.K. through a corporate split from Nippon Sanso (then)
2009 Launched vacuum-insulated food containers
Launched vacuum-insulated tumblers
2014 Acquired German high-quality vacuum-insulated bottle brand, alfi
2018 Launched Thermos brand frying pans

Business Features

  • Japan accounts for 80% of the Thermos Business’ sale, while the remaining sales are generated primarily in South Korea
  • Developed new markets in Japan, including a market for portable vacuum-insulated mugs, and maintain large market shares. Since 2020, sales of frying pans and other cooking utensils and tumblers have grown, as we have leveraged the branding power, which was strengthened over the years, to tap the COVID-19-induced increase in stay-at-home demand
  • Robust business performance in South Korea with the THERMOS brand having made steady headway and diversified sales channels, covering online

Main Business Areas