Sustainability Topics (Governance)

Nippon Sanso Holdings creates new value for society through innovative gas solutions, contributing to the development of all manner of industries and fostering more comfortable futures for humankind, for society, and for the earth. This aspiration is embodied in our Group Vision, shared by our employees and serving as motivation for the Group to work together for sustainability management. The Group engages in a wide variety of sustainability initiatives across the globe. We believe that working to help resolve issues for humankind, for society, and for the earth leads to higher levels of social value and economic value, while also enhancing the corporate value of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group.

GovernanceJapanCompliance Education Initiatives

We provide compliance education and training on an ongoing basis for employees at all levels. Organization-specific compliance training helps employees learn the essentials of compliance, anti-monopoly laws, and anti-harassment laws. Our training is also designed to instill an awareness and desire to improve compliance in our employees. One unique feature of this training is that they are conducted by compliance staff in each division, branch, and main subsidiary. This framework allows us to communicate and convey the implications and importance of compliance from a perspective closer to the front lines of our businesses. In light of the change in work styles due to COVID-19, from FYE2021 onward, the Company has promoted the use of measures such as online training.