CEO Message

We at the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group value communication with all our stakeholders and are contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

The world environment is facing many issues that must be resolved to realize a sustainable society, such as the spread of virus infections on a global scale, supply chain disruptions due to recent rising geopolitical risks, and other major changes such as the increasing severity of natural disasters caused by climate change, soaring energy prices, and food and water resource issues due to population growth. Meanwhile, solutions to future issues such as digitization due to advances in information technology and technological innovations towards realizing a carbon-neutral society are also progressing.

We believe that the business of Nippon Sanso Holdings group, as an all- inclusive manufacturer of industrial gases, is the industrial infrastructure that underpins all industries. Since its founding, in the spirit of "Selling gas is the same as selling safety," our group has contributed to industrial development while solving the problems of its many customers, through the supply of products to various industries such as the chemical, steel, nonferrous metal, glass, electronics, food, and medicine industries. In the global effort toward achieving a carbon-neutral society, our customers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions using industrial gases together with our solutions. Also, in the Thermos business, which provides products that lead to a richer and more comfortable life, we have started a service whose aim is to collect and recycle used stainless-steel Thermos bottles. We believe that providing customers with high-value solutions for a sustainable society is the mission of our group, which has developed its business as an industrial infrastructure, and we also believe that we must mobilize all our assets to achieve this end.

Human resources are the source for implementing these goals, and they are our greatest asset as a global regional holding company. Promoting human resource diversity and improving communication are the most important themes for the sustainable growth of our group. We aim to create an organization in which employees who have different views can play an active role with a sense of purpose, regardless of region or generation.

We at the Nippon Sanso Holdings group value communication with all our stakeholders and will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society under the vision of "We aim to create social value through innovative gas solutions that increase industrial productivity, enhance human well-being and contribute to a more sustainable future." In addition, we will provide a safe, secure, and stable supply of gas to customers around the world as "The Gas Professionals."

Representative Director, President CEO
Toshihiko Hamada