President CEO  Yujiro Ichihara
Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation
Yujiro Ichihara, President CEO

In October 2020, we made the transition to a holding company structure and became Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation (changing our previous tradename of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation*).

With this transition, we will establish a competitive operating structure as a global corporation originating in Japan. As the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group, we will continue to improve the collective strengths of the group in collaboration with our constituent operating companies,and pursue sustainable global growth. 

Since its foundation in 1910, the company has possessed a strong business foundation and technological capabilities gained throughout its more than 110 year history, as well as a track record of productive worldwide business operations over more than 40 years.

We will continue to strengthen our earnings base and expand our spheres of business by implementing new measures free from conventional concepts,while effectively utilizing our own assets as well as our strengths in each region.

As "The Gas Professionals," the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group will maintain a safe, secure, and stable supply of gases to our customers around the world. All members of the group are committed to increasing its corporate value with a vision of a sustainable world,by providing new values through innovative gas solutions.

* "Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation" will survive as a domestic operating company in Japan under Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation.

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