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Outline of Business

We operate our business in the United States under the MATHESON brand. Through significant mergers and acquisitions and capital investments since 2004, we have grown to be a leading gas supplier in the United States, the world’s largest industrial gas market. Our lineup of products now ranges from air separation gases (oxygen, nitrogen, and argon) to carbon dioxide, dry ice, helium, hydrogen, acetylene, and specialty gases, as well as HyCO (hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and syngas).

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1983 Entered the gas business in the United States after Nippon Sanso (then) acquired Matheson Gas Products, Inc.,
a specialty gas manufacturer
1992 Acquired Tri-Gas, Inc.
1999 Merger between Matheson Gas Products, Inc. and Tri-Gas, Inc.
2004 Acquired 6 air separation units (ASUs) from Air Liquide S.A.
2006 Acquisition of BOC Helium business and Linweld Inc.
2009 Acquired Valley National Gases
2010 Acquired Western International Gas & Cylinders, Inc.
2014 Acquired Continental Carbonic Products, Inc., a major U.S.
2016 Acquired 18 new ASUs and business assets from Air Liquide S.A.
2019 Acquired Linde AG’s HYCO business
2022 Under the leadership of the Matheson led Global HYCO team, won 3 new HyCO projects in the United States, Peru, and India

Business Features

  • Headquartered in Texas, built a supply network across the U.S.
  • Have the largest share of the acetylene, carbon dioxide, and dry ice markets in the United States
  • After acquisition of the HYCO business in 2019, leads the NSHD Group’s HYCO business, in search of global business opportunities
*HyCO stands for hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), and syngas products.
*HYCO business supplies hydrogen and carbon monoxide, separated from natural gas and other gases through a technology called Steam Methan Reforming, to the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries by way of a pipeline.

Main Business Areas