Social Contribution Activities

The industrial gases business is basically established at the site of consumption, and it is necessary to contribute to local economic activity in a way that is rooted in the local community. We consider this to be the true social purpose for the existence of Nippon Sanso Holdings as an industrial gases manufacturer, and we undertake social contribution activities in the areas where we conduct business. We believe these activities play an important role and function in the development of local economies, and we strive to leverage strengths of our core operations in them.

Nippon Sanso Ingasco Received “Best Supplier Award”

Received 2019 “Best Supplier Award”

The Nippon Sanso Ingasco Group of the Philippines received the 2019 “Best Supplier Award” from IBIDEN Philippines, Inc.
This award was held for the first time by IBIDEN and given to the Nippon Sanso Ingasco Group in recognition of IBIDEN’s high evaluation of the quality, supply stability, productivity, and cost superiority of an on-site plant established in 2017 for the supply of nitrogen. Looking ahead, the Nippon Sanso Ingasco Group will work as one to ensure stable operation of the gas production plant and maintain quality and safety management systems. We will make even greater efforts to be highly evaluated by IBIDEN and all of our customers.

Shanghai Taiyo Nippon Sanso Gas Received Award for “Company Practicing Excellent Safety Management”

Award for “Company Practicing Excellent Safety Management”

Shanghai Taiyo Nippon Sanso Gas Co., Ltd. received the “Award for Companies Promoting Safe Production” in recognition of its record of beneficial activities from the Shanghai Industrial Park Safety Production Committee. One of the company’s employees also received an honorary award as a “Driver with Excellent Manners” for being a model driver.
The Company also received an award from the committee for its excellence in sincerely providing safe services.
This award has been received continuously since FYE2017, and our continued receipt amid increasingly tough regulation and management of liquid bulk product transportation is a testament to our daily efforts to ensure safety, conducted with the support of our investing companies and head office.
We will continue working to make even further improvements to ensure safe and stable transportation.

Letter of Appreciation Received Regarding Surgical Masks

Letter of appreciation from the Tokyo Fire Department

Taiyo Nippon Sanso donated surgical masks to medical institutions and others in response to a severe shortage of masks in medical institutions following the spread of COVID-19 and received a letter of appreciation from the Tokyo Fire Department.

Welcoming Visits by High School Students

Using familiar examples of using industrial
gases to introduce the Group’s businesses

In response to a request from the non- profit organization (NPO) School Support Center, we actively encourage visits to our facilities by junior and senior high school students. In June 2018, we invited seven year-two students from Okayama Prefectural Saidaiji Senior High School to visit our corporate headquarters in Tokyo to learn about our operations and technologies.
In addition to asking business-related questions, the students queried employees about a variety of other topics, including job satisfaction and career choice. Going forward, we will continue activities such as these to assist in career education by providing opportunities for students to learn about the industrial gases field as part of our social activities.

Thermos Collaborates with Volunteer Environmental Initiative and Participates in Team ECO Work! 224 Event

Team ECO Work! 224 event participants

In September 2018, 48 Thermos employees and family members took part in Team ECO Work! 224 Thermos Zero Waste Action at Teradomari Central Beach Resort, a post-season beach cleanup initiative sponsored by UX Niigata Television Network 21, Inc., on the prefecture’s Teradomari coast. Thermos collaborates actively with the UX Niigata Television Network 21’s Team ECO: Nature Support Declaration project and has now participated in this particular volunteer initiative three times. The Team ECO: Nature Support Declaration project is a volunteer initiative led by local residents and companies in Niigata Prefecture. In addition to beautifying the environment, the initiative aims to deepen people’s love of nature and thus is a good fit with Thermos’ own environmental activities. The event also provides a valuable opportunity for Thermos to communicate with local residents.

Lab Lessons Using Liquid Nitrogen

Our Taiyo Nippon Sanso Kids’ Science Class lab lessons seek to encourage children to take an interest in science by giving them the chance to participate in hands-on experiments using liquid nitrogen. These lab lessons enable children to actually experience the use of liquid nitrogen by, for example, freezing roses.
They continue to earn positive feedback not only from participating children but also from their teachers and parents, as well as from local residents. In 2018, we conducted a lab lesson featuring an explanation and demonstration of industrial gases followed by a variety of experiments, including testing roller coaster superconductivity and freezing inflated balloons for 16 fifth year students as part of nearby Shinagawa Municipal Ushiroji Elementary School’s open house, in which we participate every year.
Looking ahead, we will continue aiming to expand opportunities to offer lab lessons to broaden understanding of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group.

Experiment in freezing roses

An experiment that generates white mist in the same way that clouds are formed in the sky

Sergio Soccer Clinic

Established as an event to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Nippon Sanso Holdings’ predecessor, Nippon Sanso Corporation, the Sergio Soccer Clinic was first held in 1990 with the cooperation of the Chiba-shi Football Association. The objectives of the first clinic were to create an event that would be enjoyed by the local community and to contribute through sports to better health for children. Since 2005, we have also sponsored a clinic in Osaka in collaboration with the Osaka Football Association. These clinics, which are attended by elementary school student teams affiliated with local football associations, include coaching by Brazilian-born Sergio Echigo, a well-known soccer commentator and former professional player, as well as a number of other former professional players. Features include friendly matches against a team made up of clinic instructors and elementary school student teams, as well as a round-robin tournament for participating teams and a penalty kick competition that is also open to families and coaches. Since it started, the Sergio Soccer Clinic has welcomed more than 19,000 children, and some of those who attended the clinic have gone on to become professional soccer players.
It is our hope that the clinic will continue to contribute to the development of talented young players.

A total of 455 children from 48 teams affiliated with the Chiba-shi Football Association took part in the 2018 Sergio Soccer Clinic in Chiba, which featured five coaches, including Sergio Echigo.

Sergio Echigo and six other coaches welcomed 316 children from 36 teams affiliated with the Osaka Football Association to the 2018 Sergio Soccer Clinic in Osaka.

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