Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Nippon Sanso Holdings actively engages in dialogue with its stakeholders in order to grasp social changes and needs, then uses this knowledge in its management and business activities. In addition to the annual general meeting of shareholders, we also hold financial results presentations for institutional investors and securities analysts, and host observation tours of our business sites in an effort to facilitate constructive communication.

Financial Results Presentations

At our financial results presentations, we use visual aids to give a deeper understanding of the Company’s businesses, financial results, and forecasts.

Financial results presentation 1

Business Site Observation Tours

Observation tours of the Company’s plants and research laboratories are held regularly to give people an even deeper understanding of the Company’s business. In November 2019, we conducted a plant observation tour at Shanghai Taiyo Nippon Sanso Gas Co., Ltd. in China to introduce the Group’s gas business.

Business site observation tour


We have also released a number of regular publications for shareholders and investors, including full-term and interim business reports and a single integrated report that provides both financial information, such as that related to business strategies and operations, and non-financial information, including that related to environmental protection, social contribution, and corporate governance, with the aim of giving readers an accurate overall picture of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group.


Ensuring Fair Returns to Shareholders

Having positioned the provision of fair returns to shareholders as a key management responsibility, we strive to maintain stable dividends, while at the same time ensuring our dividend payout ratio fairly reflects our business performance. Guided by the strategic policy set forth in our medium-term management plan, we will continue working to enhance our performance.

Annual Cash Dividends per Share

FYE2016 16,FYE2017 20, FYE2018 23, FYE2019 25, FYE2020 28

Status of Shares

Number of shares authorized: 1,600,000,000
Number of shares issued: 433,092,837
Number of shareholders: 15,216
(As of March 31, 2021)

Distribution of Shares by Shareholder Type,Other domestic companies 59.15%,Financial institutions and securities companies 17.53%,Overseas investors 13.06%,Individuals and other investors 10.26%

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