Respect for Human Rights

Nippon Sanso Holdings understands that the Company has the potential to impact human rights in its business activities. As stipulated in our Code of Conduct, we support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights. In addition, the Group has identified human rights issues related to its business activities and has promoted the formulation of a common human rights policy for the Group that sets out the key elements to be observed in terms of responsibility for human rights. The policy is to be disclosed in February 2021.

Nippon Sanso Holdings Group Code of Conduct (Excerpts)

(1) Respect for human rights

We will support and respect internationally proclaimed human rights and will not be complicit in human rights abuses.

(2) Prohibition of discrimination

We will not engage in any discriminatory treatment in employment or other working conditions by reason of the nationality, race, gender, religion, creed, personal preference, or social status of employees.

(3) Prohibition of child labor and forced labor

We will support and implement effective elimination of child labor and abolition of forced labor in any form in accordance with internationally recognized rules.

(4) Harassment

We will not allow any sexual harassment as well as any act which may be construed as sexual harassment or any other conduct which may impair the dignity of other employees in the workplace.

(5) Protection of privacy

We will ensure that any personal information capable of identifying an individual or private information that may be known to us in the course of business activities will be kept under strict control to prevent leaks.

Code of Conduct

Preventing Harassment

The Nippon Sanso Holdings Code of Conduct forbids any act that may be construed as harassment. Our Rules of Employment clearly stipulate the prohibition of harassment and the establishment of hotlines for employees to seek consultation or report complaints. In addition to providing training to raise awareness of the importance of eliminating harassment, in January 2017 we formulated the President’s Policy on the Prevention and Eradication of Harassment in the Workplace, calling on employees to help create positive workplaces by, among others, disseminating information on the policy.

Establishment of a Helpline

We have established a helpline to facilitate the swift discovery/correction and prevent the recurrence of compliance violations while also protecting the privacy of whistleblowers. Use of the helpline is governed by guidelines for use, which also outline robust protections that prohibit anything unfavorable to whistleblowers.

Promoting the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

We provide information on opportunities for individuals with disabilities with the goal of further opening the door to employment at our offices across Japan. Such efforts have led to the hiring of individuals to fill positions in a wide range of areas, including general affairs, administration, accounting, sales, distribution, technological management, production control, R&D, and engineering. As of March 31, 2020, the percentage of our labor force accounted for by individuals with disabilities was 2.5%, exceeding the legally mandated minimum of 2.2%. We will continue working to create workplaces where employees understand and respect one another, so that each employee can work with a positive attitude.

Percentage of Labor Force Accounted for by Individuals with Disabilities
FYE2017 FYE2018 FYE2019 FYE2020
Percentage 2.0% 2.0% 2.2% 2.3%

Providing a Working Environment That Encourages Innovation and Diversity

In the Innovation Division, which is located at our Shiba Office, we strive to facilitate global business expansion and value creation by providing a working environment conducive to the development of original ideas and new value and to job satisfaction for a wide range of human resources. As part of this effort, we have established an open area on the eighth floor of the office based on the concept of “a work/lounge/office where employees can choose how and where they work.” The space is suitable for a wide range of uses, including meetings, as a workspace, and for presentations using large displays. The Innovation Division brings together diverse human resources, including a number of foreign nationals. In addition to facilitating in-house communication, the open area has also proven useful in encouraging innovation and diversity.

Eighth floor open area equipped with tables, counters, meeting spaces, and large displays 1

Eighth floor open area equipped with tables, counters, meeting spaces, and large displays 2

Eighth floor open area equipped with tables, counters, meeting spaces, and large displays

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