Health and Productivity Management

Nippon Sanso Holdings believes that consideration for employees’ work styles and health is part of a management strategy for enhancing individual capabilities, increasing productivity, and raising corporate value. We have therefore been promoting health and productivity management, which realizes mental and physical health with a view to being a company where employees can work with enthusiasm. We are actively promoting initiatives to maximize the activity of employees, one of our most important assets from a perspective of health and productivity.

Taiyo Nippon Sanso’s Health Management Declaration

—Create a working environment that supports and motivates employees—

We look for three key qualities in our employees, namely, health, integrity, and resourcefulness. With the aim of giving form to the first of these and recognizing that employee health is the driving force behind everything we do, we hereby declare our commitment to promoting sound corporate management and helping realize a spiritually affluent society through the creation of a health-first corporate culture.

Recognizing the health and wellness of all of our employees as a crucial corporate asset, we will also strive to realize secure and pleasant workplaces.

We also understand that the health and wellness of each individual employee and of their family is a critical motivating factor for employees in both their professional and private lives. Accordingly, we encourage employees to be proactive in maintaining their own health and ask for their active participation in the creation of a health-first corporate culture.

April 1, 2017
Yujiro Ichihara
Representative Director, President CEO
Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (At the time)

Health and Productivity Framework

Health and Productivity Framework

Promoting Employee Health

The Company aims to foster a culture that puts health first, following the idea that the health of its employees is the driving force behind everything it does. To promote employee health, we conduct health examinations for all employees as a matter of course. We also subsidize the use of health facilities and participation in health promotion programs, and provide consultations with a physician to workers who are working long hours. Furthermore, all employees who are assigned to postings away from their families are obliged to receive an annual physical and mental health check.
In addition, we are cooperating with industrial physicians and the health insurance societies to assign industrial physicians to each branch office. This will enable us to respond to health issues related to extreme overwork and expedite support for employees who have taken leave for the treatment of mental health issues returning to work. We have also revised items covered in annual health checks to facilitate the early detection of cancer, and introduced subsidies for employees obtaining influenza vaccinations and treatment to quit smoking.
In a new initiative, in FYE2019 we held the first Improving the Health of Working Women seminar at our corporate headquarters in Tokyo. Three female speakers—a nutritionist, public nurse, and trainer—were invited from Pasona Inc., a personnel placement firm noted for promoting career advancement for women, to speak at the seminar, which focused on three central themes (female hormone-related issues, exercise, and diet). Going forward, we will continue working to create healthy working environments that enable female employees to pursue successful careers.
We also conduct yearly health checks for former employees who in the past worked with asbestos and have expressed a desire to receive such checks. For those who receive asbestos health management guides or designation as a person affected by industrial accident as a result of the checks, we have set up a compensation system.

Participants engage in stretching at FYE2019 Seminar for Healthy Working Women
Participants engage in stretching at FYE2019 Seminar for Healthy Working Women

Wearable Devices for Visualizing Health

In FYE2018, we began distributing wristband-type wearable devices that increase the visibility of individual health-related data. These devices are designed to make employees more health conscious by enabling them to understand their own health status from day to day, providing such information as step count, heart rate, sleep time, and calorie burn. As of March 31, 2020, approximately 1,300 employees are wearing these devices. From July 2018, we introduced a walking point system where users can convert their daily step count into points redeemable for various services, or donatable to the Japanese Red Cross Society and others. We will continue to devise creative ways to further increase health management in an enjoyable way, and plan to expand the walking point system to include affiliated companies and employees’ dependents going forward.

distributed to Taiyo Nippon Sanso Wearable device
distributed to Taiyo Nippon Sanso Wearable device

Caring for Mental Health

We have introduced an employee assistance program (EAP) provided by a third-party specialist and set up an external counseling service. At the same time, we have continued to take steps to support mental health care, including establishing a support program for employees who have taken leave for the treatment of mental health issues returning to work.

Participants in Mental Health Care Training
Management-level participants Executive-level participants
FYE2015 25 38
FYE2016 37 38
FYE2017 32 24
FYE2018 32 28
FYE2019 35 29
FYE2020 37 32

Employee Welfare Program

We have created a welfare program that provides extensive support for employees. In addition to Company housing or dormitory accommodations for individuals on temporary transfers, the program provides rent subsidies for married employees, subsidies for employees who are homeowners, and a mortgage system for employees purchasing homes that includes a Company guarantee, a preferential interest rate, and an interest subsidy. The program also makes it possible for current employees and family members, as well as retired employees, to use three Company-owned recreational facilities.

Comment from the Health Insurance Society Executive Director

Akira Sakai Executive Director Taiyo Nippon Sanso Health Insurance Society
Akira Sakai
Executive Director
Taiyo Nippon Sanso
Health Insurance Society

The Taiyo Nippon Sanso Health Insurance Society conducts activities that contribute to promoting and maintaining the health of employees and their families through health operations based on data. In 2018, we concluded a memorandum for promoting collaborative health with the Company, and are now making a full-scale collaborative effort with the Company on activities to promote and maintain employee health.

Meanwhile, from the Health Insurance Society side, we face challenges from the perspective of encouraging employees. The Company’s Health Insurance Society does not have specialist positions such as consulting physicians or public health nurses. For example, we would like to actively encourage employees to seek further consultation based on their health examination results, but this is difficult under the current system from a perspective of privacy protection. Therefore, we think it would be better to create a structure that enables direct access to collaboration with medical professionals. As a Health Insurance Society, I think an important task going forward will be to find ways to encourage individual employees while cooperating with the Company.

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