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SEA+I HR Network Meeting

Nippon Sanso Holdings Singapore held the 6th SEA+I HR Network Meeting on July 1, 2022 to discuss plans for the empowerment of female employees and the implementation of an engagement survey. Under the theme "Make Female Empowerment A Reality", the meeting started" with opening remarks from the management, emphasising that leadership can make a significant contribution to women's empowerment by supporting and promoting the advancement of its female employees. The subsequent keynote address outlined the company's policy and commitment to support women's empowerment in the region.. This followed two dialogue sessions held by the SEA+I HR Community of Practice (SEA+I HRCoP) to address the organisation's challenges regarding women's empowerment and employee engagement, and practical approaches were proposed to promote common initiatives. It was a great learning experience as participants shared their company's challenges and solutions for women's empowerment and employee engagement.

Participants in the 6th SEA+I HR Network Meeting 2022