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Advanced Gas Application Technologies Contribute to Initiatives to Reduce Food Loss

Nippon Sanso Holdings is also developing gas application technologies for reducing food loss. In Thailand, many local specialty goods such as durians and mangos are exported to other countries. By rapid freezing these specialty goods, using liquid nitrogen, they can now be preserved for long periods without changing their taste, texture, color, or other properties. Fresh produce such as fruit must be harvested within a limited period, and large amounts must be harvested at the same time. Rapid freezing technology using liquid nitrogen enables large quantities of produce to be processed without waste, helping to reduce food loss. Furthermore, gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide can be injected into packaging of small snacks and cut vegetables to extend their shelf lives, with various ripple effects such as reducing food loss, improving production planning, and expanding transportation range. Nippon Sanso Holdings will contribute to the resolution of various issues confronting the food industry through gas application technologies such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and liquid nitrogen freezing systems.