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Highly Efficient Oxygen Usage System SCOPE-Jet® SCAN
Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation is working to develop an oxygen burner that can efficiently increase the temperature inside a furnace. The company’s product lineup includes SCOPE-Jet®, a burner developed to reduce the rate of power consumption and increase productivity for the electric arc furnace steelmaking industry, which consumes large amounts of electric power, by reducing production time through a higher burner flame temperature created with oxygen. In March 2021, the company developed the new SCOPE-Jet® SCAN, which combines oxygen applications (gas-using equipment and technology) and a laser gas analyzer unit. SCOPE-Jet® SCAN uses real-time analysis values to control the feed amounts of oxygen, fuel, and carbon, increasing the efficiency of oxygen usage, which is also expected to reduce CO2 emissions. Going forward, the system will be introduced mainly into electric arc furnaces, and the company will work on developing even wider applications.
Highly Efficient Oxygen Usage System SCOPE-Jet ®  SCAN