Details of Sustainability Topics

NSHD Group Social Contribution Initiatives

Our group is dedicated to local social contribution efforts aimed at enhancing community well-being.

matter Region
Tree Planting Initiatives Nikko tree planting activity: Tree saplings were planted around the Ashio Copper Mine in memory of our predecessors Taiyo Nissan. Japan
Nippon Gases Italia S.r.l. has commenced a green initiative, committing to plant trees every year for five years through its partnership with Treedom, the world’s first platform that facilitates remote tree planting and online tracking. The trees planted by Nippon Gases absorb CO2, improve air quality, reduce temperatures, and, by providing refuge and nourishment to a variety of species, enhance biodiversity. They also combat soil erosion through their roots. By planting the right tree in the right place for the right purpose, this initiative contributes to the achievement of Goal 10 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Italy
We have created a second Nippon Gases Forest in Vieira de Leiria, where we planted approximately 1,000 species of trees native to the region. This initiative not only offsets several tons of CO2 emissions, but also contributes to the reforestation of land that was destroyed by fires, the enhancement of biodiversity for both flora and fauna species, and the revitalization of the region. Nippon Gases Euro-Holding guarantees the continual development of this forest over the next few years and will replant any trees that die or do not grow sufficiently. Portugal
Environmental preservation Cleaning while rafting activity::Trash was picked up along rivers while rafting down them with the aim of improving health while cleaning communities. Japan
Donation Initiatives To provide assistance to survivors of the major earthquake in Turkey and Syria, donations were made to UNICEF. Japan
World-famous “Mizuhoyama” project:NSHD’s Yamanashi business site donated to the Hokuto City Environmental Preservation Fund in order to pass down the abundance of nature to the next generation. Japan
Distribution of CHEMO Bags: MTG is a platinum sponsor for The CHEMO Bag Inc., which collaborates with local communities to provide gift bags (CHEMO Bags) filled with comforting items for men and women who are undergoing chemotherapy in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. United States
GAWDA Gives Back:MTG was a diamond-level donor for the 2022 GAWDA Gives Back campaign. Through this campaign, Alzheimer’s San Diego received donations. The mission of Alzheimer’s San Diego is to support those affected by dementia, combat prejudice, and support research. United States
Funding for The Children’s Hospital:
Supagas provided funding for the installation of two foldable guardian beds for medical use in the surgical and anesthesiology wards at The Children's Hospital at Westmead.
Donation to Refugee Support Organization:In April 2022, Nippon Gases Germany initiated a donation campaign among its employees to support the refugee aid organization Help e.V., which assists refugees who have fled from Ukraine to Moldova. This partnership with Help e.V. demonstrates our commitment to providing essential support and compassion to refugees, and to nurturing hope and resilience in these challenging times. Nippon Gases Germany’s donation matched the amount collected by its employees. Germany
Support for Local Food Distribution Center:Employees of MTG in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania held a food drive in support of Manna on Main Street, assisting their local community. Canned goods and preserved foods were donated by the employees. Manna on Main Street is an organization committed to ending hunger in the North Pennsylvania area by providing food, meeting social service and educational needs, and serving communities. United States
Donation to Charity Event:We participated in the nationwide Belgian charity event De Warmste Week (DWW), and made a donation. The theme for 2022 was poverty, and donations collected during the event were distributed to 270 nonprofit organisations/projects chosen by the DWW Fund. Belgium