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Started Co-development on Sleep Diagnosis Service and AI Analysis Support

ACCELStars, Inc., a startup company incubated in the University of Tokyo, and NSHD subsidiary IMI Co., Ltd., have agreed to start collaborative research to co-develop and provide sleep diagnosis service, aiming to detect sleep disorders at the early stage. The companies aspire to utilize the world-leading sleep diagnosis technology based algorithms and sleep evaluation devices respectively.

The number of potential patients with sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) is said to be more than six million in Japan. For the examination and the diagnosis of SAS, polysomnography devices (full PSG) are being utilized at a health clinic and require an overnight stay. The companies will develop and offer more efficient sleep examination service, allowing the early detection of sleep disorders and potential SAS patients and the greater number of detailed examinations and definitive diagnoses, and contribute to revitalize the overall sleep-related healthcare needs.

Started Co-development on Sleep Diagnosis Serviceand AI Analysis Support